Youtube's Every Video in VR Mode- Virtual Reality videos for Everyone !!!

Yes. Now you can watch every Youtube video with your virtual reality Headset and experience Virtual Reality, that is you will feel as if the video is being played on a theatre screen/big screen, when its being played with your smartphone and the Virtual Reality Headset.     
Kurt Wilms, the Senior Product Manager for Youtube VR, said  "YouTube is about democratizing,"  When Youtube the most popular video hosting site in the planet, makes such a statement, it means that VR or virtual reality is taking a big step.  One out of every seven people on earth visits Youtube and the countless hours of videos that are being watched means the amount of hours of videos that are being played with Virtual Reality will surely go up soon, that too at an alarming pace. 
Two steps/touchs to convert your youtube video into a VR video
Step 1 : Click on the : Icon on the top left of your youtube video
Step 2 : Select the Cardboard or Google Icon and your VR Video is ready to be played with your Virtual Reality Headset. 

With these steps Google will be introducing virtual reality and its applications into a large audience pool through Youtube and as a result of the same virtual reality could now be experienced by every common man. Facebook owned Oculus Rift, which started the Virtual Reality revolution with its high end Virtual Reality Headset is expected to be in the market in the Q1 of 2016. Its expected to cost around 400 USD and you will need a high end computer to play it, which will cost altogether around a 1000 USD. There are other virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR which are entering the market soon enough. But these VR headsets are really costly and it would only be bought by gamers and people with high purchasing power and those who have an interest in high end technology.  Google's own Virtual Reality Headset, Google Cardboard and its variants are comparatively cheaper and costs 30 USD or lesser. 
With Google stepping up the game with Virtual Reality videos via Youtube, the adoption of Virtual Reality is expected to be faster now. 
Google is already working on several other Virtual Reality Projects like Google Expeditions, which take students on Virtual Tour all over the world from their class rooms and Google Maps which will let you watch any Street view location in VR Mode with your virtual reality headset are all part and parcel of Google's Virtual Reality Plan. 
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