Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ


Q.What are the main benefits of the My VR Goggles VR Headset

A) 1) You can watch 3D Videos, Youtube & videos in your Smartphone as if an a theatre with your Smartphone & My VR Goggles

      2) Educational Applications
A) Educational applications for children include taking virtual school tours ti historic location. rainforests around the world using Google Street View app or Google Expedtion VR app which will soon be released by Google.
B) You could also take a ride of space as if in a planetarium with Solar VR Roller coaster apps
C) The EON Experience VR app Helps students to understand Human body its various organs, muscles and nervous systems
D) Discovery VR apps will help students enjoy virtual tours to various locations that are being aired by history channel. 
E) More application for students are to launch

     3) Play Virtual Reality Games, take roller coaster rides from your Smartphone & My VR Goggles!!
     4) Travellers can take European, US Tours with 360 Degree Panoramic images via Google Street View App.
     5) 360 degree videos VR experiences will give you various immersive experiences like ski diving, underwater dives, concert attendance, live events etc. 

Q.How Can I control the videos when the phone is inside the headset without opening the headset?

A) You can watch movies and videos using the head controlled AAA VR Cinema VR app which is available in the playstore. The app allows you to fast forward videos, select new videos, adjust volume and field of view etc..

Q.How can I plug in earphone?

A) You could use your own smartphone earphones to gain an immersive Virtual reality experience. If your earphone is not fitting in properly, you could remove the front flaps to connect the earphone.

Q.Which all phones will it fit?

A) Most Smartphones upto 82MM in width will fit in. You could just Google your Smartphone name to check the width of your smartphone. 

Q.What if I do not like the product or what if I want to return it? 

A) You have 10 days to notify us about the return. We will refund you the payment along with the return shipping charges upto a 100Rs. Cash On Delivery orders will take longer to refund as the payment from the Logsitics carriers will reach us only after 30-40 days after you make the payment. So we recommend making an online payment with our sound and secure International Standard payment gateway,CCAvenue. Online payments will be refunded as soon as we get the product back to us. Normal Turn around time is 3 days after getting the product back and you will need to provide your bank details for the same.

Q.How can I enjoy Virtual Reality/ How Can I find the relevant application to install?

A) You can enjoy Virtual reality by clicking the below links

Android Users- Top Virtual Reality (VR) Apps (Applications) for Android Smartphones

I Phone Users- Top Virtual Reality (VR) Apps (Applications) for IoS/ Iphone

Q.What do you mean by Augmented reality enabled?

A) You could remove the front cover flaps of the My VR Goggles VR Headset so as to reveal your Smartphone camera. With this camera access you can enjoy virtual realtiy with appropriate Augmented VR Apps

Q. What is the warranty peroid and what is covered in the Warranty?

A)  The warranty peroid is for 6 months and is only valid if you register for warranty through our website. The instructions to do so is available in the Brochure that is provided along with the My VR Goggles VR Headset. 

The warranty applies only for the lens and smartphone holder sockets, hinges and switches are excluded from warranty. 

We are yet to receive any complaints in regards to warranty. The quality of product is high and you will have peace of mind