How Virtual Reality will change travel Industry

How Virtual Reality will change travel Industry. 

Glynis Freeman is on a balcony in London and is gazing at the lovely city lights. I know how beautiful it looks. Lived in London for 4 years. Freeman sways her head in all directions and takes in all that view. Now she says it cool and she would like to visit London again. Wait did I say she need to visit London again. Yes !. As she never was physically in London. 

She was in Atlanta, USA at a hotel Lobby, and was wearing a Virtual Reality Headset or VR Headset as its commonly called which took her to a virtual tour to London. The virtual reality experience was part of an experiment by Marriott Hotel Chain using the Oculus VR Headset. 
The idea was to give the customer a virtual reality view of the location they are considering so as to make an informed decision about their travel. Sooner the Google Street view which allows hotels and resorts to map their premises into Google Map. This will allow customers to view the locations and feel as if they are really there in the location with a help of a Virtual Reality Headset like My VR Goggles and with their own Smartphone with Google Map app turned on.  
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This will give the customer an immersive experience and feel of the resort/travel location without physcially being there. This will help resort/hotel owners to create a wow effect and will increase their sales and revenue base. The marketing teams could be equipped with Low cost VR headsets/Google cardboard variants and could give customers a 360 degree view of the business premises instead of showing them pictures. Another opportunity is to develop a 3D video of the business and to play it with the Virtual Reality Headset to give an immersive experience.  

The experience by Marriott was delivered using Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. The company kickstarted consumer VR and was acquired by Facebook last year for $2 Bn.      
The idea of virtual reality will never replace real world travel experience. Travel industry but will be benefited as prospective customers would be able to make an informed decisions about their travel.

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