Best VR Headsets/Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Best Virtual Reality Headsets/VR Headsets

Virtual Reality, These two words are getting louder. We take a look into the best VR headsets/ Virtual Reality Headsets in the market so as to understand them better. 
Oculus Rift
The most talked about VR headset in the market, Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset that was kickstarted in 2013 and was later acquired by Facebook, Social Networking Giant for $2Bn. 
The Oculus Rift VR Headset have two 1080 * 1200 panels and head tracking using a single sensor.The Oculus Rift's "Constellation tracking" will cover your full 360 degree suroundings . The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset comes with inbuilt headsets making the experience highly immersive.
Large pool of games compatible with Oculus Rift along with the VR efforts of Facebook who is trying to transform our news feeds with 360 degree videos will for sure make Oculus a treat for those who can afford it. 

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The price part. The VR Headset itself will cost around 350$ and you will need a very powerful PC to run the VR headset and the combined cost is expected to stack up to around 1000$. 
Playstation VR- Project Morpheus
The screen of the Play station VR Headset is a ful HD 1080P LCD display and offers a 100 degree Field of View [FOV]  offering an immersive virtual reality experience. 
The LED lights that are lit on the Playstation VR Headset means the virtual reality headset have a full head tracking capability in conjuntion with the playstation camera.The VR Headset also offers a 360 degree sound experience making the experience truly immersive in nature
Its Compatible with a Sony Playstation, PS4. Actually it needs a PS4 to run. So those who already have a PS4 its easier. Others need to buy one along with the Playstation Virtual Reality Headset
On the cost side the its expected to cost around £300. An expensive tag like Oculus VR Headset.
HTC Vive-
The HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset comes with a 1200 * 1280 pixel screen for each eyeballs. It possess a refresh rate of 90fps.  There are cameras in the front of the VR headset which will prevent us from walking into a wall or structure by creating a grid in the virtual world when we nears a real world physical obstruction. 
The sensors maps  our location in 15ft by 15ft physical space and provides us with a 360 degree experience of the virtual reality world.
It requires a powerful PC to run like Oculus rift and but the difference here is that it will work both on Linux and Mac.
On the cost side it is expected to be no les than 300£.
Samsung Gear VR
Samsung worked with Oculus to develop their own version of smartphone equipped VR headset. The Samsung Gear VR Headset, though only allows you to fit Samsung phones. The orginal version allowed only Note 4 and now it allows S6 and S6 edge. These phones have a superior PPI and therefore offers a superior Virtual Reality experience due the quality of LED screens in use. 
The Gear VR Headset was initally launched at a price of $200 and now samsung slashed the price to $100. Still an expensive Mobile VR offering. 
My VR Goggles
My VR Goggles is a Virtual Reality Headset which is powered by Smartphones. Yes, your phone which normally is within your reach and aims to deliver affordable virtual reality experience with your Smartphone. 
You need to place your smartphone inside MY VR Goggles VR headset and therefore the clarity and the display is dependend on your own Smartphone screen. Even budget Smartphones these day have superb LCD  screens and an Eg is Lenovo K3 note with a Pixel per Inch of above 400. The field of view offered is 100 degrees and also depends on the size of your smartphone screen with screens of 5 inch and above doing fine. 
The lens are adjustable and you could adjust the distance between the lens based on your eyes and also the distance between the Smartphone screen and the lens as well. The front cover of the My VR Goggles VR Headset are removable and lets you enjoy Augmented Reality as well. You could also plug in your ear phones  into the phone for an Immersive experience. 
All you need to do is to install the Virtual Reality applications on your smartphone to enjoy virtual reality.
It do not require any high end PCs and just uses the capabilities of your smartphone to experience virtual reality. 
On the cost side, it will cost you around 30$ to experience virtual reality. 
Google Cardboard
The technology giant altered the virtual reality industry by envisioning virtual reality for the masses.  The cardboard version of Google , allows you to place your smartphone inside the Google cardboard VR Headset and to experience virtual reality. 
Google already have a large number of virtual reality application including the Google Cardboard VR app. Google released the development kit for app developers and we already have a large number of VR apps as the result of the same. 
This was quick Snapshot of the various Virtual Reality Headsets. Hope now you have a better understanding about these virtual reality headsets
If you are still wondering how you can experience virtual reality with your smartphone, please read the below article which explains every virtual reality experience you could have. The link on the page will take you to play store to install these VR apps on your smartphone. No need to search and find.
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My VR Goggles

"Delivering Virtual Reality Experiences with your Smartphone"