Facebook's Video Virtual Reality Application

Facebook's Video Virtual Reality Application
Facebook is reportedly working on a video virtual reality app that provides virtual reality experiences for consumers on their smartphones. Once completed this application will take Smartphone VR to a new level.
The app will allow us to view 360 degree and spherical videos according to sources from Wall Street Journal. The application will be compatible with Apple's IOS versions along with the Android Platform of the Google. The mobile VR apps virtual reality experience is expected to be less immersive than a VR Headset[Virtual Reality Headset] but will introduce the concept of Virtual Reality to a large audience.

This is another huge step by Facebook in the sphere of Virtual Reality.  Last year Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 Billion.
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook said that Facebook will support spherical videos in its Newsfeed explaining that users can "move around inside the video and view it from different angles.".
Many other firms like Google, in the recent past introduced their Virtual reality devices. Google's project was named "Google Cardboard" and is an inexpensive version of virtual reality headset/VR Headset. If you still dont own one, you can buy Google Cardboard VR from our company My VR Goggles or the plastic variant of the VR headset. Google is already developing a wide range of virtual reality application by basing them on their Google Cardboard VR app. There are numerous developers who are developing application based on Google Cardboard VR app. 
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Samsung, introduced their VR headset/Virtual Reality Headset by working in conjunction with Oculus  Rift VR. 
With many leading players like Google, Facebook and Samsung in the sphere of Virtual Reality, we are really looking at a dawn of a new tech age. 
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