What is Virtual Reality

The term Virtual Reality or VR could be easily defined by the definition of "Virtual" which is near and "Reality" which is what we actually experience as human beings. So Virtual Reality means "Near Reality or near experience".

Virtual Reality or a virtual environment is an environment explored, experienced and interacted by a person which in our case with the help of Smartphones and My VR Goggles which is the VR Headset/Virtual Reality Headset. 

How My VR Goggles work?

The My VR Goggles, Virtual Reality Headset[VR Headset] has two lenses, one for each eye. The display of your Smartphone which when placed inside My VR Goggles will have two identical displays which is achieved with the help of various VR apps[Virtual Reality applications]. Our brain combines these displays into one, giving us various virtual experiences (Watching 3D videos, Big screen experiences, viewing 360 degree pictures enabling us to feel as if we are really there etc..). 

The quality of the display is directly dependent on the type of Smartphone screen (LED displays have superior output to LCD displays) and the quality of the video/ apps that are being run.