Discovery VR-Discovery Channel's 360 degree VR Application for your VR Headset

Discovery Channel have entered the VR space with the launch of its VR app, Discovery VR which allows you to watch many 360 degree videos in VR mode. The same 360 degree videos can be seen in a non VR, normal way where you can control the point of view. 
Thus we have another major content player in the 360 degree video arena. Google is already in the fray and was the first to launch 360 degree videos with its Youtube app.

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Facebook recently enabled 360 degree videos in its newsfeed and is said to be working on a 360 degree virtual reality newsfeed. 

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With these major players like Discovery, Google and Facebook who develop and distribute content, we could enjoy a wide range of 360 degree videos for sure.
Discovery channel currently provides 360 degree videos on Its Gold Rush series, Adventure, Racing extinction, Survivorman, Shows, Secret Space escapes and planet.
Steps to watch the 360 degree videos in VR Mode
1) Install the Discovery VR app from Playstore or from Apple store by clicking on the Underlined links.

2) Select the video section you want to play or choose from all videos

3) Simply Click on the Google Cardboard icon to convert the normal 360 degree video into 360 degree VR video.

4) Place your smartphone into the VR Headset/Virtual Reality Headset of your choice. 
Some of the experiences on offer through the discovery VR app are truly great. The Disovery VR app is designed by the VR video paltform Littlstar. The same videos are available in the youtube and on the Samsung Gear VR Headset's app, Milk VR. 
Discovery Senior VP Conal Byrne Said that  “Every show that is featured on the Discovery VR app today will have a full-on VR series coming soon,”  “We’ve already shot them in VR, but it’s just in post-production.”

We recommend Discovery VR app highly for a superior 360 degree video experience, with or without your Virtual Reality Headset !!!

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